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by JC Wickens Wines

Est. 2012

“Swerwer” - Is a name which describes the lives of many young winemakers chasing the vintages across the globe. Established in 2012 by winemaker Jasper Wickens, the Swerwer wines reflect the true character of the Paardeberg in the Swartland, South Africa.

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Swerwer wines are made to best express where they come from. Each grape variety is treated in such a way that it is allowed to fully express itself, this allows for a liberal approach in the cellar. A minimum intervention approach is followed as set out by the Swartland Independent Producer guidelines. The wines are naturally fermented and no artificial additives are added. Care is taken not to over extract the red verities. New oak is avoided and fining processes are never used. Only light filtrations and a minimum added sulphur are allowed, to keep the integrity of the wine in check after bottling.